Area 51


Area 51 Research facility
Closeup of buildings and Landscape.
Concept Inkpen drawing. Watercolour paper. (Work in Progress).

Area 51 is a United States testing and research facility. Over the decades it has been used for a multitude of secret projects possibly secret technologies, alien research, weapon development, UFO coverup, underground military installations. Every week planes land from Las Vegas airport carrying people to work at Area 51. It is unknown what really happens at Area 51 suffice to say it is a military controlled area involving a huge area in the desert. Its cost over the decades could be in the trillions of dollars.

In the pic top right in the the distance are fuel lines and a Vector earth to orbit stealth craft. In the pic bottom left is an Area 51 Habitation Unit. Pic top right shows fuel rods leading to a building on the horizon. Its exact function is a mystery. Pic bottom right shows buildings with communication rods. Figures are standing in the middle ground who are facility workers. Spyplane test flights can be seen on the horizon above the mountains. 

Area 51 ‘Aurora Project’

The Aurora Project

Concept Inkpen Drawing on watercolour paper. (Work in Progress). The Aurora spy plane and one of the secret research facilities.

The Aurora is a rumoured black projects spy plane using advanced technology. It’s exact speed and fuel source are unknown. Rumours suggest it’s possible speed exceeds Mach 6. Sonic Booms have been recorded to suggest that the speed is possible. It could be using antigravity and rare metal stealth composite materials.
The drawing shows an idea of the craft through an exploded diagram view with associated structures and research buildings. In the distance are test flights and a much larger vector based craft capable of low orbit spaceflight.